May 2018

The Advertising Industry Today

The traditional, large, multinational advertising agency as portrayed in the television series Mad Men is a thing of the past. The changes in the ad agency world are similar in some ways to changes that have occurred in the music industry. It is adapting and transforming in response to circumstances outside of its control. In the advertising world, the changes are due in part because traditional media spending is giving way more and more to digital and social formats, and partly because the Internet, online and digital have changed the nature of the relevance of scale. Being bigger no longer guarantees strategic excellence or digital aptitude. As the media world has changed, advertising firms are having to adapt to remain competitive with leaner, nimble and more agile smaller specialty agencies. The future will require collaboration and coordination among a diverse group of efficient specialists to deliver the best strategic marketing solutions.

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A Brand Is What You Are, Marketing Is What You Do

It’s not easy to stand out in today’s crowded market place. Do you often wonder why your business has the best product on the market but no one knows about it? Do you feel like you are missing out on opportunities? Has the competitive landscape made it harder to stand out and get noticed? Do you want to target your ideal leads and understand their behaviors and motivations to purchase? Do you want to know what makes your brand truly distinct so you stand out among your competitors? Have you been looking for new ways to grow your business by growing your brand?

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What Makes Your Company Great?

In his landmark book, Good To Great, Jim Collins provided a retrospective of the characteristics that propelled certain companies from “good to great” while comparable companies with similar opportunities failed to make the jump.

An example “great” company is Southwest. Southwest lives their purpose. They let you bring your bags for free. And they give us the freedom to fly. That is what Southwest stands for: The Freedom to Fly. We know Southwest loves us. They remember our birthday and send us drink coupons. They are friendly. They make our lives easier.

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Do You Stand Out?

What is your 10X factor over your competition? Every industry has a bottleneck – how do you solve that bottleneck in ways others don’t or can’t? How do you stand out against the competition? Why should customers choose your company over the competition?

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